Monday, October 17, 2011

I welcome death again into my home

With a new season of The Walking Dead and Dexter.  I love me some good old fashioned killing in the evenings.  Kinda makes me want to go play more Dead Island after watching all that.  It practically puts one into a zen like state after seeing throngs of the undead return to whence they came.

What's going on in the non-infected world, you might ask?  Well, not much, other that having a rousing success in getting a massive gaggle of people to show to the LAN party to end all LAN parties.  It was mostly Starcraft2 and Age of Empires III all night, but hey, on the bright side, that means it was nothing but fun the whole time.  Looking forward to the next one being even bigger.

Oh, and to those who think I have no shame, no.  Just no.  I will not be dating any eighteen year old, no matter how much guile and trickery you try to use on me.  Sickos.

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