Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday slacking

The time has come for the weekend of wisdom, where all plans take a backseat to edification and enlightenment, and as always, it's shaping up pretty good.

On an unrelated note, I feel I haven't said a proper goodbye to a nice friend of mine.  I say goodbye, because she's going out of town soon, and I'm sure as hell am not willing to join facebook or buy a texting plan to keep in touch with anyone.  I am of the opinion that if anybody wants to talk to me, they can email me or call, but apparently, my mentality is in the minority.

Mini-rant aside, I wish her luck in her musical endeavors.  Take care, Rachahi, Cha-cha, or whatever the heck your name was.

Pity this pic doesn't show how blue her teeth are from all that bubblegum Jones soda she drank.  Yeah, she's nuttier than a pecan log.

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