Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well, that sucks dude.

So, I finally gave my roomie his belated D-day B-day present, and he immediately told me that I always give the best gifts to him, and that the best his family has done, was to just give him pajamas for the past ten years.  So, let that be a lesson: if you don't know what to get someone for their birthday or Christmas, shop Magpul!

So, as far as the rest of my day goes, work was a complete exercise in patience dealing with the mindless babblings of Apple-fanboy-fag-itus that comes with the unveiling of a new iphone.  Ugh, the sad part is that I practically have to watch the entire Apple presentation filled with outright lies, misleading propaganda, and communistic sheeple, because I'm going to be managing an entire wireless account stocked with these sentient little bastards.  I swear, it's like watching a North Korean made documentary about Kim Jong Il.  So, not looking forward to doing that at all.

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