Wednesday, November 30, 2011

how to offend women in 12 syllables or less

What can I say?  I have the magical ability to do just that.  That's okay though, I hear that just leaves more time for gaming.

Speaking of general nerdyness, I got into a conversation today with a coworker about making my own kit-bashed Star Trek starships with model kits.  Yeah, maybe I should look into being nicer to girls, and find one for myself before it's too late.

Oh, and no, I don't think I need to explain what happened that made me decide on the title of this post.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Conversations at work: part deux

So, since my conscious thoughts that empowered me to come up with good topics have gone the way of the dodo, here's some more dumb ramblings from me and my coworkers:

My roomie was ogling at a picture of the very fine (and overpriced) HK417, while looking around HK's website.  I was walking by the conversation and heard him say, "I really want one of these sooooo bad."
Me:  Yeah, too bad it costs about 18 first world souls to acquire one.
Roomie:  Say, doesn't H&K make shotguns, too?
Me:  They only made some prototypes; no production guns.  For that, they partnered with Benelli, and for a short time, Fabarm.
Coworker:  What?!  The Germans and Italians are partnering up to make guns?!  Yeah, that's gonna work out about as well as it did the last time...

Yup.  Good 'ol H und K.  Because you suck, and they hate you.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A new personal record

It's just been eons since I've been seen hanging around my little corner (more like speck) of the interwebz, but then again, Skyrim along with massive vacation time will do that to you. Of course, it's not like the dozen or so of you that actually read this thing really missed my ramblings all that much.

So, I'm finally in a position to get all the parts for my semi-new, ad-hocked PC, and I have to say I am stoked!  No more running Skyrim on minimum settings for me!  Now, I just need to save up for that XCR....

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you, I went down to Las Vegas and visited some family and had a fairly good time over my Thanksgiving break.

Monday, November 21, 2011

delayed dosage

More belated music.  I don't know what it is, but I have become an all out fan of Portishead in the past few months.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

We are everywhere, and yet, we are nowhere

So, I love it when you're getting to know someone professionally, and you inadvertently both start talking about gunnie topics.  I had this happen more than three times today at work.  Most of the three occurrences were with some new hires in our company.  One guy brought up how everyone in the IT department wears tactical pants, which lead to a really fun conversation about 'what gun for bear?', the next was when I was wisecracking with the new girl about "the quickest way to a man's heart" when she brought up that she was actually getting her CCW, which led to a conversation about 'what gun for a deranged ex?'  and then had a conversation with with my boss about the infamous crossroads of the west gun show.  Man, I love my job, and (most) of my coworkers!

We'll have to see if we can get some cross-department shooting trips scheduled, or something.  All the more reason to nab me an XCR sooner rather than later.

Soon, my darling, we will be together at last.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The groove, it is being thrown off

Not many days now until that time comes for ultimate hedonism in order to give thanks, and I'll be off gallivanting around Las Vegas for some odd reason. Celebrating the holiday in style.  Huh. As if.

But yeah, I'll be off doing who knows what, for I don't know how long, for the Thanksgiving weekend.  Rest assured, however, that I will be posting during that time, because why not?  It's not like I'm going to Skyrim or something...

Oh, and here's a random thought for the day: why is it that every lesbian I have ever heard of, is absolutely crazy about Catherine Tate?  It just makes no sense.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So, I'm back from the land of the Nords and Dragons, albeit just temporarily.  I have to say, Skyrim is better and yet not as good as I thought it would be at the same time.  My system just struggles to run it, and I swear I can hear the screams of the gerbils that turn the wheels in my computer when I fire it up.  Dang good stuff nonetheless.

As for other news, well, there is none.  I thought I would be quite content with that, as I usually am, yet it feels like there's something missing.  A presence I haven't felt since...ah whatever.

Oh, and I heard not too long ago that the USMC will buying up 70 of Britain's old GR.9 Harrier's to bolster the current USMC fleet until F-35B replacements come in.  Totally called that back when I heard that Britain was retiring it's harriers.  The question I ask now is, will the USMC be removing all the brit avionics, or just simply slap the AN/APG-66 radars on 'em along with a new paint job?  Or will they even do that?  It'll be interesting to see.

Here's a British GR.Mk.9 for example

And Here's a USMC AV-8B II+.  Notice the difference in sensory equipment on the nose of both aircraft.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The final countdown

Today, I ended up voluntarily sitting through a five hour meeting that detailed the status of the economy (well, certain sectors of it), along with a two year forecast about it's future along with some other mumbo-jumbo I have already not bothered to remember.  never thought I'd attend something that was so simultaneously fascinating and completely boring at the same exact time.  Still, it was worth it.

Anyways, the roomie and I are just sitting staring at the clock, waiting for the inevitable release of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim to release.  Just a couple hours more, and I won't care about the world around me any more.  Well, not for a significant amount of time, at least.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My last day being somewhat of a productive member of society isn't until tomorrow, and I'm already skipping days to post stuff?  Shame on me.  The only excuse I have, is that I've been gallivanting around on Dead Island for the third time with another friend, who just got the game not too long ago, so the dead zeds are taking nearly all my time.

What's new with me?  Uh, well, I did have a winning moment at work yesterday.  In the department meeting we discussed the hard drive prices skyrocketing because of what's going on in Thailand.  My boss wasn't educated on the news, so everyone was giving their best 9:00 am groggy explanations about the flooding.  After about five minuted of terrible explanations, my roomie just blurts out "Its something to do with massive amounts of excessive liquid!"  To which, I responded, "Yes, you could say they were...liquidated."  It was easily one of my better moments.

Well, not much else is going on, I'm sorry to say.  I'll be taking a significant amount of time off for Thanksgiving this year, so I'll pretty much be dropping off society's radar from Friday till then.  Sporadic posting may be an understatement.  It was nice knowing ya!

Oh yeah, I've been trying to save up money for a newer, halfway decent computer, but it's really freaking hard to do that when I know that new version of the XCR is out.  I'm almost staring to get "that feeling" mentioned by Terminal Lance whenever I think about it:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nostalgic nitrate...

for some classic celluloid.  I remember a long time ago, watching a short, independent film about a man that declares war on the IRS.  Called Harry's War, it was filmed entirely in southern Utah, and stars Edward Herrmann.  I dunno why I started thinking about it, but I just had to spend a few minutes to find a copy to see it again ASAP (without resorting to VHS like a freaking caveman).  It actually took some searching to find it, and it seems this movie is relatively unknown, because of a very short theatrical run, and never having been aired on network TV and hasn't been on cable since 1982.  The only copy I could find was a bootlegged one floating around on youtube, that was missing the first 10 minutes or so. 

Click on the pic to start watching

I have to say, I forgot a good portion of that movie, and it was a good watch that dealt with some serious issues, despite it's deadpan comedic presentation.  It almost makes you cry knowing that nobody is still giving a crap that the issues presented in this movie are not only real, but have have gotten significantly worse with the advent of the patriot act.

Heck, almost makes me wanna run into the hills with some friends, start calling ourselves the wolverines, and try to beat back the feds.  But, if I remember correctly, those people at Waco tried to do that a while back, and all that happened was that the crooks got to have some live target practice.  However, on the other hand, the live targets were not all completely sane or blameless, either.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

You knew it was coming

The most fun music video this week, and not too bad of a song either.

Has the dust settled down yet?

Well, I think I got to bed sometime around 4:30 this morning, maybe a little later.  I'm still tired to the point that I have no desire to even leave my bed yet, so I'm still sitting in it as I type.  Ugh.  I guess I have to get up now, because someone is trying to call me.  Oh, wait.  Never mind.  Nobody important.

Last night fared mostly well; my bedtime being a good indicator of it's success.  Not too many technical hiccups, other than one person's copy of SoSE crashing on start up, without a fix.  The night started with some Starcraft 2, followed with the obligatory round of Sacrifice of Angels 2.  Copious amounts of junk food and soda was consumed, along with a continual marathon of Archer at the same time.  Yeah, we had fun.

However, I'm still dead tired, yet unable to sleep anymore.  Perhaps I'll fire up some of nutnfancy's youtube channel, to put me back to sleep.  Oh, wait.  I just noticed he has a video up of a product I might actually like.  Well, it was nice to entertain the notion of sleep while it lasted.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bad timing

You know, I can't stand it when I try to join in on someone's game, only to have everyone I know quit right when I join in.  That's freaking annoying, right there.

In other frustrating news, my experiences in the uneducating disinformation campaign continues uninterrupted.  An insanely busy day, followed by a lack of knowledge on several changed policies, and forgetting to reply to a management meeting, really bites.  Hopefully the day that I am not looking like a complete douche is not too far in the future.

Anyways, time to see if that project reality mod for BF2 is any good.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There goes the whole day

Finally got the roomie to reinstall COD4 to try the ROTU zombie mod for it.  Needless to say, that's why I'm writing this one so late.  So, yeah.  Feel free to join us on the 4thID clan's server.  It's by far the best one.

Oh, and just to illustrate that I wasn't bull crapping about that costume, you can check it out after the jump.