Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So, I'm back from the land of the Nords and Dragons, albeit just temporarily.  I have to say, Skyrim is better and yet not as good as I thought it would be at the same time.  My system just struggles to run it, and I swear I can hear the screams of the gerbils that turn the wheels in my computer when I fire it up.  Dang good stuff nonetheless.

As for other news, well, there is none.  I thought I would be quite content with that, as I usually am, yet it feels like there's something missing.  A presence I haven't felt since...ah whatever.

Oh, and I heard not too long ago that the USMC will buying up 70 of Britain's old GR.9 Harrier's to bolster the current USMC fleet until F-35B replacements come in.  Totally called that back when I heard that Britain was retiring it's harriers.  The question I ask now is, will the USMC be removing all the brit avionics, or just simply slap the AN/APG-66 radars on 'em along with a new paint job?  Or will they even do that?  It'll be interesting to see.

Here's a British GR.Mk.9 for example

And Here's a USMC AV-8B II+.  Notice the difference in sensory equipment on the nose of both aircraft.

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