Wednesday, December 28, 2011

chirp, chirp

Yeah, there's been lots of that going around lately.  What can I say?  The second I'm on vacation, I am on vacation!  Taking a holiday from everything, apparently.  Plenty of interesting things have happened in the news recently, and a few somewhat interesting things have happened to me since I last posted, but I doubt anyone has really been missing that info.  So, in lieu of actual information on what's happening in my life, how about I just call this good for now, and get on with writing all the interesting stuff on the morrow.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Suit up!

Well, as it turns out, there is one bit of American TV I'm really enjoying.  Despite my constant vow to avoid a vast majority of American programming, How I Met Your Mother is actually totally legen -wait for it- dary!.

Such a freaking geek

I was perusing the daily news and links on SayUncle's blog, and ended up clicking on a link to the official Advanced Armaments Corp. Blog.  The title of their post there was, "Evolution45 (one of their suppressors) on an H&K45C.  Except, it's not an H&K45C, it's a USP45 Tactical Compact.  Man, I sure am nitpicky.

On another note, I forgot to post some solid music yesterday, so here goes:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

that sums it up

As seen on 9gag moments ago....
Too true.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reason why I'm single #6,314

There's a relatively new girl at work whom I converse with regularly.  Now, by converse, I mean we like to exchange pleasantries by giving each other a litany of light insults to make the day go by easier.  So, my story begins when she approaches my desk, asking where a coworker in my department had gone.  I told her he had gone to the training meeting on ethics.  She then asks why we weren't told to go to the meeting.  I sarcastically state that it's probably because she is such a shining example of an ethical person.  She then says, "well, maybe that's because I'm just really good at hiding how bad I actually am."
I then reply, "So, wait.  Are you saying that this is just your day job?"

I'm honestly shocked that I wasn't given a hearty regimen of slaps to the face after that little comment.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12, wait. no... 14 days of breakfast

So, I was told that everyone basically get a free pass for being fat around the holidays.  Man, I wish that were true, because even if it is, never be true in my mind.  As if my opinion matters.  Anyways, my department decided we needed to have a 12 days of Christmas countdown by having everyone sign up on a sheet to bring in breakfast on a particular day for everyone, so we could all enjoy breakfast everyday until the holiday.  Something tells me this will not end well for my health in general. 

Not much else relevant to contribute, on the other hand.  Things are progressing rather boringly on my end.  So, T.T.F.N.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Miserable musings

So, I love my job.  Love it.  But that doesn't mean I think all the people I work with are even up to a standard level of intelligence.  Take for example, this screenshot of an email I sent to a coworker that was complaining about a program crashing constantly.  Note: his reply is on the top, my original question is on the bottom.

Some people are just mother f-ing retarded.   

The Jackie Chan "Brain full of f**k" added for emphasis.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Self Discovery

So, I have found out some interesting things about myself in the past week.  Well, maybe not so much found out, as rediscovered.  I have found that if the electricity is unexpectedly shut off, I have a really good time.  I'm not only able to deal with no stove, heat, computer, or TV (as if I had that in the first place), but I really kind of enjoy it.  It's like camping, but better.

On the other hand, if the power is on, but there is no internet, I simply go into blood-rage mode.  I am frustrated and pissed off by just about anything that attempts to interact with me.  It's especially frustrating when you've just slapped together a new computer, but are unable to get any drivers for the dang thing.  Even more upsetting, is trying to check the balance of your bank account in your underwear.  Apparently, the only time you can do anything like that, is if you have the internet.

So, thank you for coming back, internet.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Terrible timing

So, it's been half a week, and still no internet.  This is getting rather frustrating, since I've been trying to finish building my new system, but am unable to get any of the latest drivers and bios updates.  Well, my misfortune will mean I'll just have to post some music and be done for the day.  Naturally, I decided I just HAD to post this one, once I saw it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hell froze over again!

Two posts?  In one day?  Have I gone mad?!?  Well, maybe. 

So, I was given the glorious task of hanging up our department’s Christmas cards up to display at work yesterday. It wasn’t long until I really started loathing the whole task, because half of the cards were inexplicably covered in glitter. As I was in the bathroom trying to rid myself of the arts and crafts version of herpes, I saw my boss, who questioned what was wrong. I simply said, “Whoever invented glitter, just needs to f-ing die in the worst way possible!” My boss, then asks, “Not a fan of glitter, eh?” I reply, “Look, the only time glitter is acceptable, is if you’re having unicorn meat!”

Everyone got a bit of a kick out of that one

Oh, and as an added note, we currently have power, but no internet, so I have to write these things on my lunch break and post 'em later at work. 

It's the end of the word as we know it, and I feel great

I have taken a peek at how the end of the world begins, and I found it more than just somewhat amusing.  be prepared for a longer story than usual, as this one is interesting.

So, apparently we had what meteorologists are calling a type 2 hurricane here in northern Utah. The winds were somewhat severe, but after growing up in a town called “Hurricane”, it was nothing that bad to me. The real fun lay in the resulting aftermath. Due to the force of the winds, trees all across the valley were snapped like twigs, which resulted in the electricity for multiple counties being knocked out in the middle of the night. The power company said electricity would either be completely out for 48 hours, or just sporadic during that period. The roomie and I decided to take the opportunity to visit some relatives in the neighboring valley, and pick up a few supplies, since we were of dreadfully low standard of preparedness.

Here's a grainy photo of a power line that was down at my work the next day.  It actually started melting the pavement.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The problems of single men

So, at work today, I was having another geeky conversation with a friend. Of course, the subject would be Star Trek. We first started talking about how they desperately need a new show that was halfway good, then the subject took a dark turn to unforgivable fandom. We started talking about strategies for making our own kit-bashed model ships, and where to get the supplies to do so. Yeah. But, to top it all off, I make a comment to my friend about how geeky were being at that very moment, and how this new found activity would end up eating what little was left of my free time and money. He responds by saying, “See? Who needs women?”

I retort with, “Me! Dammit! I do!”

We were obviously not working on the same plain of thinking.