Friday, December 2, 2011

Hell froze over again!

Two posts?  In one day?  Have I gone mad?!?  Well, maybe. 

So, I was given the glorious task of hanging up our department’s Christmas cards up to display at work yesterday. It wasn’t long until I really started loathing the whole task, because half of the cards were inexplicably covered in glitter. As I was in the bathroom trying to rid myself of the arts and crafts version of herpes, I saw my boss, who questioned what was wrong. I simply said, “Whoever invented glitter, just needs to f-ing die in the worst way possible!” My boss, then asks, “Not a fan of glitter, eh?” I reply, “Look, the only time glitter is acceptable, is if you’re having unicorn meat!”

Everyone got a bit of a kick out of that one

Oh, and as an added note, we currently have power, but no internet, so I have to write these things on my lunch break and post 'em later at work. 

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