Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reason why I'm single #6,314

There's a relatively new girl at work whom I converse with regularly.  Now, by converse, I mean we like to exchange pleasantries by giving each other a litany of light insults to make the day go by easier.  So, my story begins when she approaches my desk, asking where a coworker in my department had gone.  I told her he had gone to the training meeting on ethics.  She then asks why we weren't told to go to the meeting.  I sarcastically state that it's probably because she is such a shining example of an ethical person.  She then says, "well, maybe that's because I'm just really good at hiding how bad I actually am."
I then reply, "So, wait.  Are you saying that this is just your day job?"

I'm honestly shocked that I wasn't given a hearty regimen of slaps to the face after that little comment.

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