Monday, December 5, 2011

Self Discovery

So, I have found out some interesting things about myself in the past week.  Well, maybe not so much found out, as rediscovered.  I have found that if the electricity is unexpectedly shut off, I have a really good time.  I'm not only able to deal with no stove, heat, computer, or TV (as if I had that in the first place), but I really kind of enjoy it.  It's like camping, but better.

On the other hand, if the power is on, but there is no internet, I simply go into blood-rage mode.  I am frustrated and pissed off by just about anything that attempts to interact with me.  It's especially frustrating when you've just slapped together a new computer, but are unable to get any drivers for the dang thing.  Even more upsetting, is trying to check the balance of your bank account in your underwear.  Apparently, the only time you can do anything like that, is if you have the internet.

So, thank you for coming back, internet.

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