Thursday, January 26, 2012

Forever alone

So, naturally, I've been playing oodles of Star Trek Online, despite the fact that it's a very mediocre game.  Like I told my brother, it's the only new Trek game (worth playing) out there, so I'm playing it.  However, it still has some enjoyable moments, like the multilayer and coop modes.  Whatever.

There have been plenty of things in the past couple months I've kinda wanted to write about, but not enough to break my trend of laziness, and because that would make me stop playing Star Trek, so I guess I'll just have to get caught up on all that later.  In the meantime, because I'm such a rabid fanboy of the XCR, here's a video from the infamous nutnfancy at the SHOT show taking a close look at the newer and improved XCR.

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