Tuesday, February 7, 2012

food for no thoughts

I find it very interesting that the Fileplanet mod spotlight has featured two fairly old (yet unfathomably good) mods for Battlefield 1942 in as many months.  I am still a huge fan of that game and it's mods, and I'm surprised to see such a big name in the mod hosting community give the spotlight to an old game and it's mods, when the norm has always been about the latest and greatest.
Weather or not this is a sign of re surging popularity, or fileplanet simply trying to boost some kind of stat, remains to be seen.  However, I must admit, that despite the advancement of the franchise to newer and more modern titles, I'll blatantly say right here and now, that if EA/DICE would simply re-release 1942 and it's expansions in a new engine, tailored for the 64-player PC market, and with destructible environments, (and without the bullcrap DRM,DLC and Origin) I would tell them to shut up and take my money right now.
Heck, I'm tempted to fire up my dusty 'ol copy of 1942 just to see if there are any good servers up. 

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