Thursday, April 5, 2012

Delayed detonation

So, a long time ago some friends and I went out to "the island" to end the service lives of several computers.  This was so long ago that I had nearly forgot about it.  But then, ages later, I finally got the video evidence of the destructive mayhem in highlight reel form, all for your enjoyment.  It's best watched in full screen, so you can be on the lookout a giant chunk of aluminum goes airborne, flying hard to the left on the last one we destroy.  I wish we had the camera in our hands, so we could show how far that sucker actually flew.  It went far enough that we thought it was going to hook around the side of the hill!  Also, be forewarned some of my friends use more colorful language than I...

Now that we are getting to that time of year where it's a bit more likely that pansies are willing to stay outside for more than a few minutes, we may be going out to enjoy such shenanigans again soon.

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