Monday, May 21, 2012

Things that nearly made my week

You ever have a friend coin a phrase in conversation that just plunges you into laughter?  Well, here's a collection of some completely out-of-context (and unrelated to each other) phrases that made me more than giggle when I heard them recently:

"I'm telling you, some kid's parents...."
"He's just a puddle of cute!"
"I thought we were a Jif people"
"Soup kitchen sauce explosion"
"Double-fisted hand thingy"
"Is that Faux Shizzle?" <---seriously :)

Okay, I'll fess up that I'm the one that coined the soup kitchen phrase, but I couldn't help but enjoy it.  I wish I had the literary prowess to recount the conversations bringing the rest of these phrases about without taking up a massive amount of time and paragraphs, but I don't, so meh.

However, the real thing that got me laughing, was that on Sunday, someone was all upset that they couldn't find me on facebook, and I told them they should just google my name.  Sucker.

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