Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Something that I find very annoying in Blogger, is that it seems to have some odd nervous tic of some sort, in which I will copy and paste something into a draft which appears fine, but after I publish it, I suddenly discover that it is formatted completely different than the place I copied it from.  Very annoying to have to go back and re-type it, because just copying and pasting will also copy the incorrect format.  I swear, between that annoying little issue, and my own terrible spelling and grammar mistakes, it's a wonder I'm still willing to keep posting.

Not much else noteworthy has been going on other than a whole crap ton of work and personal business, so meh.  Though, I did get an email forwarded to me from our programming manager, about software we were planning on buying from some company, whose rep had the most unfortunate name I have ever seen:

Details have been changed to protect the (hopefully) innocent.  Man, I hope they married into that name, because there is just no excuse.  Unless they were hoping for a shoe-in as the next Bond girl, or something.

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