Wednesday, September 5, 2012

like a hole in the head

That's how inspired this post is.  What can I say?  I don't really lead an exiting life anymore.  What have I done recently that's ha!  I went to a comedy club in Draper last weekend to watch a more than mediocre improv group with a couple of cute girls I know.  Yeah that's pretty much the extent of my excitement.

Oh, wait scratch that statement.  I forgot to mention just how poor I actually am because of the new addition to my little one-man family.  Here she be:

Gorgeous.  Just Beautiful.  Look at it.  It actually says "Jericho 941" right on the side of the frame, instead of something stupid.  Then right underneath that, it says it's made by IMI.  It's things like this that make me feel a little bit better about dying a lonely, bitter old man.  Can't wait to try it out on some crack dealers, or something.

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