Friday, September 14, 2012

Max Manus approved

I'm always finding out all sorts of cool stuff that I'd like, that I didn't know I could even get.  Just the other day I found out  that you can get a Suomi KP-31/M-31 9mm for just about $450.  I can't help but be drawn to guns that may have had a history of killing fascists, communists, or jihadists.   Tack on the fact that it's a Finnish gun, and the cool factor alone nearly makes it all worth it.

What a beauty
The only reason I haven't just splurged and bought one already, is that I've heard almost nothing about who's making these guns.  Does the company have a good rep?  Are these new guns, or are they made from kits?  Have people been having problems with them so far?  All signs point to something good, but I swear, I'm gonna be pissed if I find out it's all being done by Century Arms or something; those dumb drunken monkeys.

The real trick, however, will be to find one that has the old quad-stacked magazines to go with it.

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