Thursday, September 13, 2012

the proper medium

So, it's already halfway though a new month and I'm already off to a good start in slacking on my blog posts. 

As for the standard fare of my daily life, not too much has been going down.  Scratch that.  Lots of crap has been happening, just  none of it interesting or exciting.  Well, okay I take that back.  There was one or two fun things happening.  Let's see.....I've had more people try to set me up on a bunch more blind dates, and I won't share my opinion on that again.  I went to one of the best restaurants in Utah, and had the absolute best bread pudding on the planet, all while in the company of a lovely young woman.  Archibald's.  Tell your friends.  Perfect place for a date.

I also introduced another hapless fool to the joy that is Pirate O's, and and ended up spending another fifty bucks there.  On the bright side, I finally managed to find that elusive Biscoff spread, and have been putting it on just about everything.  Man, that stuff is more addicting than crack.
Always buy the crunchy, the creamy one is just gross by comparison
Also realized I'm probably gonna buy another Jericho pistol, because hey, it's a freaking original Jericho for cheaper than you can get a brand new one that doesn't even have IMI stamped on the side.   I mean, I'm able to get them so cheap, that I'll more than likely be able to make money on the deal.  Not only that, but who wouldn't want two?  Just makes you feel like Spike Speigel lugging one of those suckers around, so obviously two would be even cooler.

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