Friday, September 21, 2012

why I don't care

So, it appears I genuinely pissed off my boss today.  How you ask?  Well, unless you're living under a rock, the big news is that there is a new fad sweeping the nation's idiots.  The iphone 5s are arriving. 

Why do I disdain it so much?  Because only idiots buy Apple.  Don't get me wrong, apple doesn't really push out too many bad products, so perhaps this is not always the case, but this is certainly true of the vast majority.  Now, you don't really even have to know much about technology in general to understand this fact, you just need good fiscal sense.  Any company that offers you the same hardware specs as another company, but at three to five times the price, is just a rip-off.  That, and most apple fanboys have the same mentality as preteens gawking at the latest fad.  As soon as the new model of iphone is out, there are people camped out, rabidly waiting while ranting and raving.  It's just ridiculous.

Now on to what happened.  After my boss had received his new iphone and activated it, for some reason it wasn't getting a signal.  So, he gave it to me to troubleshoot the thing and call AT&T about it.  While I was perusing the device, I couldn't help but notice that the plastic was left on the back of the phone, but not the front.  So, I simply removed it, and threw it in the trash.  While handling the phone I naturally got fingerprints on it, which I planned on cleaning off, but this seemed to literally infuriate my boss beyond all recognition.  He then proceeded to get voice his extreme displeasure at my actions, at which point I showed him how much I cared by handing it to another coworker, who proceeded to rub it on his face.  Everyone in our department had their day made, well, except for my boss that is.

Yeah this is the mentality:

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