Thursday, October 18, 2012

More conversations while at work

Regarding the new James Bond theme song for Skyfall, with my roomie who knows absolutely nothing about music or musicians:

Me:  Yeah, it's done by Adele, it's pretty good.
Roomie:  Wait, I think I know who that is.  She's that fat girl, right?
Me:  What?  She's not fat.  I think she can be rather attractive, actually.
Roomie:  Well, she's bigger.
Me:  I think the term you're looking for, is that she's an 'ergonomic slum'.
Roomie:  (amidst laughter) Okay, but at least I knew who she was.

Okay, I have a somewhat high opinion of Adele, and I don't think she's fat, but I can't resist a good fat joke when the opportunity presents itself.

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