Thursday, October 4, 2012

When our powers combine...

There are now three Jerichos in the household.  No, I didn't buy another, even though I wish I had.  The roomie's just arrived yesterday, and we had to take a couple minutes and fiddle around with it. 

It's differences from mine are very interesting.  There are no import markings from KBI on it, or Century (those punks), neither are there any markings from Magnum Research.  It has these interesting little stamped marks on the barrel and trigger guard that have yet to be determined, so we'll have to do some homework on 'em.  It also differs from most in that it's a parkerized finish instead of blued, and despite being in good condition, you can tell the gun wasn't overly cared for before it sold, because of rust on the finish, and the gun wasn't even cleaned after it was last shot before being sold.

It's also a different model, the 941F which, has no decocking feature, and the safety mounted on the frame.  After holding it for a few minutes, I still wasn't quite sure how I felt about the frame mounted safety.  With how large my fingers are, the safety felt like it just kept getting in the way of the slide release. 

Another interesting difference is that I'm quite sure his pistol is of a later manufacture than mine, as the slide assemblies are interchangeable on both of my guns, but when I attempted to put my slides on his, they didn't fit very tightly.  The slide had a very loose tolerance and wobbled within the frame.  We thought it might be a difference with that particular model at fist, but further research indicates that shouldn't be a problem.  I did find out however, that later models made after they stopped making the .41 cal conversion kits had (ever so) slightly different frames, so that seems to be the primary suspect so far. 

I'll have post more info later as it comes in.

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