Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Almost made me feel better about CVN-65...

...if it were built, that is!

So, in between all the meetings, briefings, and free lunches, I forgot to post something cool I saw via The Unwanted Blog.  It is without a doubt, the coolest, most awesome, amazing, and nerdy thing that could have been: a 1:1 scale version of the Enterprise that was to be built in Vegas in 1992.  Go check it out.  It will send you into a nerdgasm induced seizure.

Click the pic to read the full story
As for a status update on the actual Enterprise, she's now home and awaiting her deactivation.  Ceremonies will commence on Nov. 28th - Dec. 1st; a mere three days after the mark of her 51st year in service.  Hopefully I won't start crying like I did when they retired the mean, that'll be a sad day.

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