Tuesday, November 6, 2012

am I racist?

Ever since I was in high school, I've been of the opinion that a handshake was always good enough.  When people met me, they'd be trying to give me some kind of fist-bump, or whatever the hell else, but I would stop it dead in it's tracks and let it just remain either a five or a handshake.  It was a load of fun, because I was always surprised at how upset people would get by doing that. 

Granted, over the years, I've become less of a stick in the mud, and I'm actually willing to give people their stupid little hand gestures, which I guess makes me a hippocrite, or something.  However, whenever someone goes for it, I always have a slight pause in doing so, because I still hate it.  All I can think of when I have that happen is, "Dude, you're not cool, you're not black, and you're not 'street'.  You're just some random whitebread cracker from the suburbs, so just man up and give me a real handshake, or f-off." 

I'm thinking of going straight back to my old ways of just cutting people short on whatever gesture they try to make and only giving handshakes or fives from now on....again.  So there, I'm bringing the classic handshake back people!

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