Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I miss my candy corn and zima

Now, those who know me may already know that I'm disappointed by the results of the election.  There's really a whole laundry list of reasons why, but both me and my roommate had a moment of silence for the one that means the most to both of us:  Say goodbye to anything resembling reasonable or affordable prices for guns and/or ammunition for the next four years at least.  Guess that passion is gonna be hurting for a while.  Statistics from about earlier years are listed below:

As a side note, the thing I hate most about the election has been the fact that every news outlet seems to be foaming at the mouth to make the coverage all about race and racial issues that are mostly irrelevant, rather than the vast multitude of things that actually matter.  Kind of like how absolutely nobody brought up the recent fiasco in Benghazi or the Operation Fast and Furious killing US law enforcement officers along with hundreds of innocent Mexicans.  Or how everyone in the media still insists the teapartiers are a racist organization, when really it's only focus is purely on economic issues, and government fiscal responsibility.  Gotta love all that 'fair and balanced reporting' stuff.

Oh, and bonus points to who guesses the refrence made in the title of the post.

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