Thursday, November 29, 2012

know what makes a bullet hole that aint' a bullet? Cuz I don't.

As much as I truly love it, there is one thing I can't stand about KSL's classifieds section; it seems like I see a ridiculous amount of airsoft/bb guns listed in both the Rifles and Pistols categories of the site.  Now, I don't mind airsoft; in fact, I can see some pretty cool benefits to it along with it being pretty fun (not to mention it being slightly cheaper than my beloved paintball).  But it just drives me nuts that 1. people are dumb enough to post something in the firearms category that doesn't involve fire at all (or even go bang for that matter), and 2. that KSL doesn't have a separate category for them on their site.  I'm thinking I'll have to write them an email about that once I get over my laziness to appease my latent OCD.
To me, this is just a warning that it's nowhere near as fun as it could be.
On a less teeth gritting OCD note, I tend to get an even more weird and random sense of humor when I'm very busy.  In addressing a co worker today, I couldn't help but use a high-pitched voice.  When I was asked why, I said, "I dunno, I just thought it would be fun."
She replied, "Hey, I'm a big fan of all types of fun."
"Just don't go saying that around the seedy parts of town."

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