Sunday, November 18, 2012

more random quotes

So yesterday, I somehow managed to get the roomie to start playing Red Orchestra 2.  It's a really fun game, but with a pretty big learning curve.  When he first got into the game with me and my brother, he accidentally started pouring fine on to a friendly tank, when my brother started to inform him of his error.

Bro:  "Dude, you're shooting at a Russian tank!  You're on the Russian side!"
Roomie:  "Hey, how long have I been playing this game?  I'm not real familiar with what WWII Russian tanks look like.  Besides, I bet St.Grendel has a book for that"
Me:  "Yes. Yes I do.  I actually have a few"
Roomie:  "See?"

Also, a few months back there was another one that made me laugh pretty hard.  I was carrying my gun case (the one shaped like a guitar) from the car to the apartment, when an older woman noticed me and had to say something.

Woman:  "Oh, you're a musician eh?"
Me:  "Not that kind of instrument ma'am."

Good times.

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