Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So back to another edition of "Reasons why I am single".  This time it's numbers #1043 and #638, respectively. 

This morning I woke up still coming to grips with just how awesome my night had been.  I had talked to this amazing girl I know on the phone for hours, and near the end of our conversation, she told me that she was crazy about me, and I told her the same.  We set a time to see each other before ending our call.  I was completely elated; so much that I had a difficult time going to sleep the night before.

So there I am, singing praises as I hop into the shower, looking forward to my meeting with this girl.  As I'm in the shower, I suddenly realize I couldn't remember for the life of me, when I was supposed to meet this girl.  Upon further reflection, I couldn't remember placing or receiving that call either.  Then it hits me.  It was a mother effing dream!  Crap in a hat.  That's a real downer to start the day with: I'm so lonely that even my subconscious is trying to make me happy by instilling false hope.  That's bad.

On to the second reason: I have no humanity.  I cry at the things no one else cares about, and am stone-faced and downright disrespectful of all the other things everyone else cries about. 

Like later on this same day, when I was home for lunch, I found the youtube video I had been trying to find for along time, in which one of the last F-14 Tomcats to be retired does a flight demo and runs the engines completely dry before being sent to a display in a park.  Just hearing those GE F110 engines whine while straining and sputtering before they finally quit for the last time may be the single most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen on film.  I was nearly balling, and had to fight the tears before going back to work.  But then, right after I watch that, and hop back in the car to go to work, the radio decides to remind me of it again by playing that song by The Righteous Brothers: You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling.  That's the point in which I lost it.  So yeah, I ended up getting embarrassed (watch the first video while the other is playing in the background for maximum effect).

That actually started a conversation with one of my coworkers about tearjerker films and how I never cry while watching things that everyone else calls a tearjerker.  Things like Titanic, The Notebook (yeah, I will hate that one forever), West Side Story/Romeo and Juliet (same story anyways), Hope Floats, Forrest Gump, Marley and Me, The Lion King, Saving Private Ryan, Spanglish, or whatever the hell else normal people cry while watching.  I like most of 'em, I just don't cry while watching 'em.  However, that's not to say I don't cry when I see certain things on screen.

So let's list some of the media I have cried to, or brought me to the brink of crying (and probably still do):

Black Hawk Down - wow. just wow. what a movie.
Red Dawn - yeah, I know.  It's stupid.  but hey, they had to shoot their friend!)
Speed and Angels  - for obvious reasons
That History Channel special edition of Modern Marvels' about the retirement of the F-14, called "Tomcat Sunset" - for the same reasons as Speed and Angels
The Road Warrior  (spoiler alert: they killed his dog and destroy the freaking coolest car in the world!)
Star Trek III: The Search For Spock - yeah, watching an icon die is gut-wrenching
Cowboy Bebop (tv series) - You can't watch the whole thing and not feel a little sad at the end.
Grave of the Fireflies - okay this one is actually meant to be a tearjerker, but it gets me every. single. time.
Fallout 3 (the PC game) - Hey, if Liam Neeson was your dad, and died in front of your eyes, you'd get a little choked up too.
Indiana Jones and the last Crusade - another dying dad scene, made even worse because it's Sean Connery lying there.
Band of Brothers - I challenge anyone to watch the episode "why we fight" and not shed one or two.
Law Abiding Citizen - The freaking bad guys won in the end, and the hero dies without ever accomplishing his goal.  F those stupid filmmakers for making me cry on that one.
Serenity - My favorite character dies in every freaking show or movie I watch, I swear.
Back to the Future: Part III - when they blow up the train, and when the DeLorean is finally destroyed
The Devil's Double - based on a true story, so I already knew how it would end, but I still cry when Uday doesn't die in the end.
Max Payne (original PC game) - cheesy and over the top, but downright sad at times. Unlike the last two they made.

Yeah, I'm a weird one.

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