Saturday, November 17, 2012

Working holiday

So today was the day of my work's Thanksgiving shindig.  But the real joy is knowing I don't need to go to work next week, and that we practically have no work to do today.  A nice change of pace.   I think the most strenuous thing we had to do today was stock up the supply room with all of our snacks and sodas without our boss noticing, because he'll just end up mooching it off us without asking.  That, and the roomie insisted on test flying some remote control helicopters in the very same supply room.  yeah, hard at work here.
Yeah, hard at work here.
Hey, these are needed buisness supplies.
On a nearly unrelated note, I'm really itching to revisit Hill AFB Museum again.  If I don't go there once every six months I get all jittery.  Though, that may be a good thing for everyone else, since I've been told that taking me there is like letting a drug addict loose in a pharmacy.  But, without my fix, I'll just end up wasting all my time on flight sims and really moto youtube vids.  Like this one, or this one (seriously, these things are like porn for me). 

Just one improvement I would suggest to the guys at the Hill museum, is that they totally need to get their hands on some Harriers and a Tomcat or two, then it would be complete.  Though, it is an Air Force gig, so maybe they just aren't so keen on getting any more of those 'squid' planes.

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