Friday, July 19, 2013

My shocked face

I dunno what it is, but I am very rarely surprised or excited by things in the gun world, like new guns, collector's guns, new parts or accessories.  But on the few occasions in which I am surprised or excited, it's because I read about something immensely cool on Forgotten Weapons.  They seem to feature nothing but things I never would have heard about otherwise.

The thing that really caught my eye today, was the article about a machine pistol version of the Czech vz.52.   Wow.  I've always wanted to snag me one of those things because of that fun little test conducted by The Box O' Truth, and my mind is still reeling from the possibilities of a machine pistol version.  Just too cool.

Also, in other news, I've been seriously considering getting an AR.  There are a number of things I don't like about the AR platform, which make me desire a number of other systems (like the XCR), but due to the lackluster customer service/support with these companies, along with rising prices, I've become more disillusioned with them over time. So, I've come back to the idea of an AR, even though I've held a bit of apprehension before.

In the past, these were my primary issues with the AR-15:

  1. I hate the direct impingement gas system
  2. the charging handle just sucks
  3. the standard (STANAG) magazines suck
  4. I don't like or want 5.56mm/.223
  5. The barrel profiles for most ARs are completely bass-ackwards
  6. I dislike nearly all the flimsy, non folding stocks made for 'em

But, now with the insane proliferation of the AR in this day in age, there are a million aftermarket parts that address all of my complaints, while still keeping it in roughly the same price range as a more modern alternative.

For example, there is a massive surge in piston systems for ARs, there are loads of 5.45mm uppers, I found those custom lowers that accept AK mags a while back, stumbled across heavy barrels for the 5.45 AR, Magpul and other companies have been putting out much better stocks for it, and another thing to catch my eye has been the recent news on TFB about a drop in side charging handle for the AR-15.  So, I'm thinking it is finally time for me to build an AR.

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