Friday, July 12, 2013

The fattening

It looks like it may be one of those Fridays with nothing going on at work.  Thankfully, we've managed to prepare for this by treating the whole department to Boston Cream Pie.  Breakfast of champions...or something like that.

Anyways, the movie last night was very enjoyable, although I was right in predicting it would be a guilty pleasure.  Basically, is was a live-action giant robot anime, but without the good story or varied characters.  Even got me one of those cool stylized IMAX posters after the show.

Speaking of which, another guilty please I seem to be falling back into again is Star Trek Online.  I can't say with enough emphasis just what a crappy game STO is.  That steaming pile of crap is nothing but a money siphon for Trek fans, and has little more thought put into it than the average side scroller, despite being the "official" RPG.  Yet here I am, playing that sack of crap because no one else has made even a halfway solid trek game in nearly 13 years.  Ugh, I hate that dang game, but my rabid fanboy antics keep me playing that crap.

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