Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Did you know that?

Did you know that in western Utah on Nov. 15th 1949 was the first successful launch of a surface to air missile, and that the launch site and bunker is now a state landmark?

Or that we have an inland sea base located on the coast of the great salt lake that is stocked with tropical fish?

Or that western Utah is the site of a Polynesian town that was abandoned because of leprosy?

Or that I used to live within biking distance of a plant that produced rocket fuel for ICBMs and the space shuttle?

Or that you can see the remains of a WWII Japanese American internment camp site?

Or that there are more than three uranium disposal sites dispersed across the state?

So, yeah.  If you can't tell, I recently found a fun website: The Center for Land Use Interpretation, which is providing me endless entertainment.  Why I haven't found this site earlier, I just don't know.  But there is a ton of stuff listed in my state that is both cool and previously un-visited by yours truly.  Whenever I have enough money to just leave and go on another road trip around the country, I'm using this site as a guide.

And now you know...

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