Wednesday, August 14, 2013

even more nostalgia

Read one of Tam's recent posts this morning, which made me giggle more than a bit.  Even though I was one of those guys, I can't help but mess with 'em when I have the chance.  It's all out of love though.  In all my time, I have never known a more heartfelt, dedicated, selfless, and caring bunch than those men and women I served with.  Even living in this epicenter of Mormonism that is the Salt Lake area, I still give shout-outs, high fives, and offer rides to those guys.
None of us are perfect; we can't walk on water, but walls are much easier.
Unless I somehow manage the impossible and get married and have kids at some point, I'll always regard those two years as the best of my life.
Never know what you'll be doing one day to the next, but it's guaranteed to be hard work with no pay.
Man, I wish I had the money to still wear a suit every day.  You just feel like freaking James Bond while wearing a sharp suit.

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