Monday, December 2, 2013

But, but don't they hate me?

So was there some kind of personnel shakedown or management change up over at H und K recently?  Cause that's the only explanation I can conjure up for them suddenly doing an about face on their long standing tradition of thinking that I suck and hating me for being a civilian.  Especially when you hear things like this in the pipeline:  The new HK243  and HK293.

I mean wow.  Just wow.  Granted, I still expect them to charge about as much as a firstborn sacrifice for it, but at least they've realized nobody wants their crappy little SL-8, and everyone has always wanted a G36.  Now if they really wanted to surprise and shock me, they could price it reasonably for around 2G or less then offer a 5.45 variant or conversion for it.

On a related note, I wonder if it would put guys like this out of business?  On the other hand, no matter how friendly HK gets,  I doubt they'll ever offer an XM8.

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