Thursday, December 5, 2013

I love playing as the bad guys

Well, I've mentioned before how there is a lack of fun multiplayer shooters around, but I think I may have found another good one in Payday 2.  It's basically a bank robbery simulator where you get to act out all your favorite scenes from movies like Heat, Point Break, ect.  It's interesting to me especially because of the emphasis on teamwork with other human players to accomplish certain goals.

It also has some fascinating depth with some bewilderingly intricate weapon modifications, rpg style character customization and skills, and really fun and tense gun-play.  The real fun is in all the little details they add, such as custom masks for scaring the crap out of people, holding hostages, making barricades, ext.  Also, although you play set characters (with a whole webseries to accompany it), they don't feel like they are intruding on your game, like others where it just feels like it's no longer "your" gaming experience.

All in all, the high stakes robberies in this game simply prove that it can be both challenging and fun to pull of a major heist; virtually that is.  

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