Friday, February 14, 2014

The gift of a blade

I am blessed to know some really cool people.  People who are so cool, they know that the gifts I appreciate the most are the utilitarian ones.  I like trinkets and toys, they're fun, but I think everyone will agree you'll get more use out of a tool, clothing, or some type of supplies and those are the gifts I enjoy the most.

So I got to say that I have quickly become inseparable with one gift I've gotten this year, that has entered the realm of EDC nearly immediately.

when other people show me their knives I want to say, "may your blade chip and shatter!"
Didn't even realize the Boy Scouts of America have their own licensed knife, but I got one.  Like any other knife it has it's pros and cons, but this has quickly succeeded my Gerber as my go to pocketknife, and that's not just cause I misplaced it again.

Granted, the downsides include a grip that's just slightly too thick to be discreet, the finish was rather cheap and is beginning to wear already, but that's the worst I can say about it.  The blade itself is nice; I've been a big fan of tanto style blades for pocketknives.  It's also a thick blade for a knife of it's size and it comes with (comparatively speaking) an excellent edge from the factory.  That same edge seems to hold quite well, the screws don't seem to have any problems staying in place, the grip feels quite natural in the hand, and it's rubbery coating ensures a firm grip even when hands are slippery.

As much as I do like the BSA, I'm not too keen on it being written on the blade, but I very much enjoy the old-style logo on the grip.  I am genuinely surprised at how may people who I've shown it to that were in the scouts that have no idea what that logo was and that I had to explain it to them.

Nonetheless, a very good knife and I'm very appreciative for such a fine Christmas gift, courtesy of:
Just cause I don't' think I've made enough Shaun of the Dead references yet.

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