Monday, May 19, 2014

Godless communists

Was trapped in a wiki walkabout when I found myself on the page about the Stasi and was rather surprised by some interesting facts.  Did you know they had an entire branch called the Division of Garbage Analysis?  Seriously.  Their whole job was to look through everyone's garbage for "western goods" as they were verboten.

Overall, the Stasi employed over a quarter million people during their near forty year long existence to weed out "the class enemy", and utilized somewhere near two million informants.  Some have concluded that this number equates to nearly one informant or stasi for every 6.5 citizens in East Germany.

Also, they commenced a campaign of desecrating cemeteries and other Jewish sites in West Germany by smearing them with swastikas and other Nazi symbols. They also submitted funds to the defense of Adolf Eichmann along with funding Neo-Nazi groups.

More proof that anyone who advocates socialisim or communisim is not only your enemy, but is interested in nothing but similar nefarious plans.  Those who don't are too stupid to realize it, and are what the Stasi would call a useful idiot.

God bless those who prevent others from forgetting it:

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