Sunday, April 13, 2014

Remix reading

for your weekly music, something that sounded interesting:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Adventures in not writing

I'm really feeling the need for more C: drive space recently.  There's just too many programs I like to keep handy on my primary drive to get by with only half a gig.  Also, I'm really wanting to switch to a solid state drive but those are still more than a little too pricey in the capacities I'm looking for, so I'm just kinda stuck managing disk space for the time being.

On an unrelated note, all this internet sleuthing I'm doing on military aircraft crash sites is tempting me to go steal some public property and subsequently restore it and put it on display or something....

There just aren't enough surviving Tomcats in this world.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

An interesting philosophical question

In a conversation with a friend I mentioned in passing the result of the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr; specifically how despite having been vice president, Burr fell into obscurity nearly overnight.  Contrast to Hamilton, who's name will be instantly recognizable to anyone with a shred of competency today.

This, in turn brought up the assassination of Lincoln and how terrible that was.  I was pretty eager to debate that fact that Lincoln was a pretty terrible person and was eager to provoke what was coming to him, but then someone stated the following, "Nobody should be famous for shooting another person."

This posed an interesting question considering that there are many people who can be thanked for doing just that.  Granted, most people might not want to be famous for shooting someone, but if the person they shot was undeniably consumed with evil, I think it can go without saying that they deserve a hearty thanks and a pat on the back at least.  There are many people who are on some level famous for doing nothing but shooting another person, and arguably doing the right thing, the following is a small list of examples:

Timothy Murphy is an American legend that likely got free beers for the rest of his life for his shot.

Simo Hayha  a.k.a. The White Death  also likely to have been called 'The Norse God of Thunder'

Soghomon Tehlirian totally a hero and the shooting is his only claim to fame.

Jozef Gabcik - killing Nazis is a pretty good case for being not all bad, but this guy = total hero.

and if there wasn't a security concern for his identity, I'd personally buy a drink for the guy that first shot Bin Laden.
I mean, what sensible person wouldn't fire shots in this guy's direction?
Point being is that despite plenty of horrible people being famous for shooting other people, there are also plenty of good people who are famous for killing another person because they knew it was the right thing to do.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Maybe, just maybe...

I have been to one too many historic sites, museums, and state parks.  Why?  Well, every time I commute to work on the train, it ends up stopping at some point for another train to pass.  Whenever this happens, without fail, I expect for some armed cowboy bandits to hop on the train firing blanks with some kind of bit to go through, possibly involving a musical number.

Once again the internet sounds off

about something or another regarding the guy in charge of Mozilla, and consequently Firefox.  I stopped using Firefox ages ago, due to it's increasingly lackluster performance, but It's interesting that I've lived to see the day people are boycotting a non-tangible product because "gay rights" were curtailed by California's general public 6 years ago.  The whole thing stinks of witch hunt to me, and hopefully the man won't have his future ruined, despite already being forced to step down.

though from the news source for the story that I lazily googled, it's cool to see that Utah has a state rep that registers a full on 0% rating from the NARAL pro-choice America group.  This I also find funny in that a pro-choice group would rate him at a 0% when I'm sure he would consider abortion in cases of rape and/or when the life of the mother is in danger (as do I).

In other more lighthearted news, I have to admit that I got tricked good on April fools day.  Normally I'm on the lookout for people trying to pull a fast one on me, but I've been had like the rest of 'em.  Totally fell for the one story on Alert 5 news that said a Chinese J-10 defected to Taiwan.  Did not see that coming form a defense news site.

can you imagine how crazy that would have been?

Monday, March 31, 2014

with your two cents and my two cents, we got... something

Okay, so the internet has been completely abuzz with the actions of one Senator Leland Yee and the subsequent media bias.  Since everyone and their housekeeper's dog is talking about it, I feel like I only have three things to say about the whole fiasco with this role model of violent video game crusading and gun control:
  1. Thank goodness they caught the guy.
  2. I wish they had caught him a whole lot sooner. 
  3. Holy freaking crap, I had no idea that irony came in flavors so sweet! I'm going to be savoring the flavor until I die of super-cavities and gingivitis.  Seriously, this is nothing but the most epic win against gun control and dummies that wanna ban video games, but I'm gonna be too preoccupied with sipping on the delicious irony juice.  Oh, and enjoying the great memes that it will inevitably spawn.

*Images blatantly ripped from somebody's facebook page.

Moscow Music

Okay, so the song kinda sucks, but the music video is too good to miss:

Also, does anyone else find that the band is a little too aptly named?

Friday, March 28, 2014

what keeps on slipping?

So, this week has been going by so dang fast, I think my head is spinning.  Not much is really happening, but I gotta say there's some great stuff on the horizon.  It looks like my brother is going to be able to stay with me for the duration of the summer this year, and I'm thinking of organizing some cool stuff for us to do.

So far, I'm thinking that on the way back up to my place we can make a few stops at some military crash sites.  There's a B-52 site right at the edge of the state that's a good candidate.  While here, I was thinking of going on a mini road trip one weekend to visit some historical sites and museums, then by the time I need to bring him back the Blue Angels will be in town making for a nice finale.  Should be some good times.

shady practices

So, more than a bit of a slow news week at Casa Del Flyover, but there are some old things I can bring up.  I don't really remember what brought it up, but something reminded me of a time back when I was a teenager.  For a while in my late teens, I volunteered at an air museum.

It was pretty cool, not only because I'm a serious mil air junkie, but because the museum was a very unique one.  Instead of just displaying full aircraft with the exteriors restored, this place just had cockpits.  Lots of cockpits. The place wasn't even officially opened when I got there, but the plan was to have an experience like no other air museum: they were to have fully restored cockpits, and have them open to the public 24/7.  Now, if that don't make you intrigued, I don't know what will.
Our T-38 pit.  Wish I had a before/after pic to show the contrast.
Now, restoring vintage military aircraft cockpits is a pretty daunting task.  A big portion of the facility (actually, most of it) was dedicated to to storing and cataloging original analog instruments.  No joke, I working a massive warehouse full of these things, with racks and racks of boxed full of original instruments.  My job, for the most part, was to go through the entire Indiana Jones warehouse of inventory and group the instruments together by type or by model number if we had an excessive amount of the same kind and label them so the guys restoring the cockpits didn't have to take all day trying to find the right, dial, display, ect.

Okay, not quite that big, but close.
Since this operation tried to be as accurate as possible, this involved very authentic instruments dating all the way back to the 1930s.  Those of you in the know will be reminded that back in those days, in order to make something "glow in the dark" for night flying, they went crazy by painting just about everything with this exciting glowing stuff called radium.  I was simply told that I can't afford to brake any instrument, but if I did, to let somebody know stat, cause that stuff will set of a Geiger counter like a like a cricket.  So, the running joke was that anyone among the stack of instruments for too long would become impotent.
Now imagine this dial, but all the markings were faded this deep brown color....that's the way they all were.
Lost of fond memories of that place, but after thinking about it, despite there only being trace amounts of radium in those dials, we were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of them, later found out that radium is nearly 1000 more time radioactive than Uranium, has a distinctly negative effect on sealing compounds, turns into the brownish black of radium nitride (which nearly all of the dials were colored this way) when exposed to air, all this and I distinctly remember a couple of incidents involving a case or two being dropped and shattered before...
Neat o!
Anyways, the museum didn't exactly do well in such a small community, with little to no advertising, so it aint there anymore, but thankfully the internet is forever, and you can see some of the cool crap I used to work with:

Below is a link to a page detailing how my boss got the B-52 pit and restored it. That sucker took years.  I was there just after he first got the thing, volunteered there for years, and it wasn't done till I was long gone.  One interesting thing to note is that the B-52 we had actually dropped bombs in anger during Desert Storm.

Monday, March 24, 2014

What day is it?

Went and had another crazy LAN Party to end all LAN parties over at the 'ol roomie's new shack, and we stayed up so late, i think I'm still feeling the effects considering I just woke up a few minutes ago on the train headed home from work.  Seriously, I have barely any recollection of the events of today whatsoever.

In other news that is to be filed in the "that was waaaayyy too much information" category, is that although I'm not the kinda guy that likes to fool around, it's still extremely entertaining when I get phone calls from multiple attractive young women and suddenly come to the realization that I'm being booty called.  I sure as hell aint taking 'em up on the offer, but it's still quite the self esteem boosting moment when you hear a girl desperately trying to find any excuse for you to come over.  Maybe if I was a LOT younger and dumber, sweetie.   You know, come to think if it, I blame this on the beard.  Once I got it, they all start crawling out of the woodwork.

Love that movie