Thursday, July 10, 2014

Slow on the home front

What can I say?  A week of radio silence has kept operational security, but unfortunately there is nothing to secure.  Due to a miscalculation, I was flat broke for most of the week, which has it rather uneventful, but the issue will (thankfully) be rectified by tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that the airshow was still a good experience despite being a smaller event than I've ever previously attended.  I did manage to snap a few pics of some of the festivities, some of them even turning out rather well despite the camera.  I'll post those a little later when I have the time.

In other news, I did manage the unthinkable and actually introduce somebody to the music of Y&T.  Rather surprising considering the person, I mean that kind of music is that guy's bread and butter.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shut up and take my money!

Instead of a music post, I'll put something a bit more important.

Yeah, I shed tears watching this and while reading their website.  All my monies are now belong to them.  No finer fighter ever flew.  This needs to be a reality as soon as possible.

Another legitimate tactic

So it's another one of those days at work where I have plenty to do, so I just want to turn on some music and focus on getting crap done.  It just doesn't hurt if that music simultaneously motivates people to stay away from my desk and not approach me with new problems.  So I adopt the same tactics as everyone does with hippies:

It's surprising how effective blasting Angel of Death is in an office environment.  Raining Blood is also an effective countermeasure. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

I'll take unforgettable phrases for $100, Alex.

So imagine my surprise when I find that this news story passed me by for the past couple days:

EPA Memo To Employees: Please Stop Pooping In The Hallway

Wow.  You're telling me this is the same caliber of person you want running America's health care?  I mean, it doesn't help that the VA is actively killing veterans, but we now have the EPA going all naturalist +11.  What, do we need to paradrop a heavily armed Jane Goodall in there to teach them some class?  Not only that, but they can't comment on it?  Aren't everything they do supposed to be public domain?  So much for that whole transparency thing, eh?

In other less scarring, yet almost as wrong news, I was goofing off looking at aviation photos the other day and I saw another aviation photographer's work that he titled "Aero-rotica."  Just about spit my drink out right at that moment.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

two for one deal

So, last weekend I saw two movies I haven't' seen before X Men: Days of Future Past, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

The new X Men movie is all about tying the new(ish) prequel in with the old X Men movies and cast, and it succeeds very well, along with delivering a very entertaining movie chock full of what-if history and great action.  Worth every penny.

The latest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise on the other hand, is a pretty disappointing watch, which is sad, because I really wanted to like this movie.  It even had some elements and scenes that I really loved, but the story and most of the action was so bland and predictable that is was nigh unbearable at certain parts.  Why can't Hollywood just let spy thrillers be spy thrillers instead of trying(and failing) at turning it into another bland action movie?  Oh well, at least we still have the one good installment in the series, (the first one) which I had to re-watch because this movie just didn't cut it. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

going to the other fun show

Well, I'm excited, as this weekend will bring with it the big airshow over at Hill AFB.  What are they calling it this year?  Warriors over the Wasatch?  Supposedly the name won't be changing again for the next one. Whatever.  I bet they'll manage to justify another name change next year.

I am pretty exited for this little event, and I mean it when I say the word 'little'.  The list of events/performers is not only small, but relatively lackluster compared to most of the airshows I've been to.  Heck, even compared to the Parowan airshow, it seems a little sparse.  They have the usual items, like the Golden Knights (those guys are everywhere), an F-16 demo, a P-51 demo, along with the Thunderbirds, and a handful of specialty built aerobatic craft, along with the obligatory jet car nonsense.  But they do have a couple of things I'm interested in seeing, like a T-33 performance; I've never seen one fly before, let alone do a whole demonstration.  That'll be cool.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The most sultry of pictures

Amazing Blue Angels photo.
Found a new tool in looking up awesome official photos of military aircraft, at this site here.  The National Archives is so far the best repository of modern military jet photos ever.  I am especially impressed with the quality of blue angels photos there.  Man, I can't wait until I get to see those guys perform again.

Best Tomcat pic ever!  Exploding target seen in the right side of the frame.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Conversations at work

Being the nerd I am, most conversations will drift towards movies at some point. Don't know how the movie The Notebook came up though, but I guess it's inevitable when talking to the female variety.

I posed the assumption, "So, being a woman, I'm sure you've seen The Notebook."
"Actually, no.  I haven-" (interrupted by me giving the hard stare) "Okay, so I have.  She looks at her feet and mumbles "Multiple times."
"Yeah, you can't tell me you haven't.  I can call that bull about 50nmi away."
"It's a good movie."
"No, it's a terrible movie.  Any man who says they like it has something wrong with them."
"I like it"
"Well of course you like it, you're the target demographic.  But if you're with a guy that says he likes it, they are one of three things: a liar, a psycho nutcase that may murder you in your sleep, or gay.  All of the above being a red flag if you're interested in this guy."
"Really?  You really think that no man can like The Notebook?"
"Please, at the end of that movie when they were old and dying, I was cheering on the disease that killed them like I was betting on a horse race."
"Holy crap, you really are the world's worst person."
"Well they did kill Osama a while back, so that bumped me up on the list."

Proof is in the pudding, darlin'

Sunday, June 15, 2014

tunes from where?

Cause everybody loves Cowboys from Hell:

Friday, June 13, 2014

Wow, they DO exist!

Remember that rant I had not too long ago about bad cops and such?  Well, guess what I just found?  A good cop that's also a good man and decent human being for wising up.

We need more like you, good sir.  Much more like you.