Monday, July 4, 2011

putting off the fun

So, I know I said I'd have a range report, but I have to get a little sidetracked today first.  I've mentioned before my feelings about Top Gear America, and as interesting as it can be, I can't see it becoming as entertaining as the original.
As I was checking up on news about the current season of Top Gear, and found out some interesting info on the casting process on Top Gear America.  Apparently, Adam Corrolla was the first choice to host the show, but had to turn it down due to prior commitments.  I really ain't a fan of Corrolla, but I think he would have made for a much better choice as a host than that Tanner Foust.  I mean, let's think about it: he's got the same dry whit and similar political views as Jeremy Clarkson, and I'm sure he'd also have a similar tension with the other hosts.

Long story short, Adam wanted back in on Top Gear America, but was not allowed to do so.  So, he's starting his own show, simply labeled "The Car Show."  The synopsis reads just like the structure of an episode of Top Gear, and I'll be intrigued to see how it's format, ratings, and sheer entertainment value will compare with Top Gear America's.

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