Friday, July 8, 2011

T.G.I. something

The winds of change seem to love following me wherever I go.  Thankfully this time, it's NOT hope and change.  I'll be spending all next week in a training course for a certification to let me advance in my new job.  Man, I am exited.  No, seriously, I am.

In other news, I had completely forgotten that Kimber offered a 1911 'solution' chambered in 10mm Auto.  I'm really not as much of a Kimber fan, these days, but my manager's uncle got one, and just had to show off some forgivable gun porn at the office.  It's a pretty gun, but then again just about all 1911's are.  I just can't justify paying over $1k for a gun that will inevitably need a lot of serious work done to it, just to get it to feed and extract properly.  That there's a deal-breaker, ladies.
The Dan Wesson Razorback
 If you have to get a 1911 pattern 10mm, I would suggest a Dan Wesson RZ, or if your looking to spend some dough, perhaps a Colt Delta Elite would be nice.  Just say no to the Kimber.
The most gorgeous Delta Elite (H/T to The Firing Line )
 As an added note, my boss totally made fun of me for saying the word "solution" when referring to a gun.  Come on man, isn't that the perfect word to use to describe one?  It solves all problems: boredom, pests, invasions, and even the pesky ex!

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