Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Riding out the aftershock

For the few who might know what I'm talking about, the plan has been executed perfectly, and I now spend my time laughing maniacally, or basking in the victory all day long.  Kinda like this.

Anyways, on an almost unrelated note, I think I have found the new love of my life.  She's strong, capable, has all the right curves, and a fantastic heritage.  May I introduce to you, the Sarsilmaz K2 by EAA:
Oh yeah, she's a keeper for sure. 

Why this relatively unknown gun?  Well, let me tell you.
I have had a preference for CZ97-type guns for a long time.  My very first pistol was a refinement of the CZ, an IMI Jericho in .40, a very fine weapon, but I had to part with it due to financial difficulties.  I plan on getting another, but what I really want next is a high-capacity .45 ACP. 

The Jericho comes in .45, but uses a different frame than the standard gun that is bulkier, and only holds 10 rounds.  So, what other options were there?  I could get a Glock 21; they're cheap reliable, and accurate, but have a grip angle that bugs me to no end.  There's the Para Ordinance, the creme de la creme of 1911's in my opinion, but with a price to match the performance.  A model of the XD comes in .45, but I thought they were a bit more bulky than necessary, and with some really annoying safety features.  So, imagine my surprise, when I find there is a CZ patterned pistol in .45 that has even a higher magazine capacity than the Glock, and is only marginally more expensive.  Heck yeah!

Needless to say, I will have nothing but haunted dreams until I can have one in my hands.

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