Monday, March 26, 2012

Brain doners anonymous

So, a coworker got a papercut, and so another coworker and I decided to comment on the matter while the bleeding associate removed his band aid in front of us.

Me:  Jeez, what's with the no band aid?  Is he trying to spread biological matter everywhere?
Coworker:  Yeah, he could be spreading SquAIDS
Me:  Or ShAIDS.
Coworker:  I wonder which SquAIDS is worse though.  Squirrel AIDS or Squid AIDS?  Maybe with the squid AIDS you could at least develop the ability to squirt ink, or something.
Me:  I'm thinking squirrel AIDS is worse, because then you'd just become more annoying.
Coworker:  Yeah, then they'd just be running around all hyper looking for nuts.
Me:  No, that's how you get SquAIDS

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