Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Educated guesses

So, a coworker has recently finished working on "sporterizing" his Mosin-Nagant, and I must say, it is one slick (not so) little gun.  I always loved Mosins, but always hated the stiffness of the bolt actions on most and the insanely long creep on the triggers.  Once you resolve those issues, it's an incredibly accurate and fun rifle.  The real bonus being that parts are often quite cheap, with ammo being the cheapest.

One consequence of this however, is that my roomie is now completely dedicated to getting a semi-auto rifle that fires the 7.62x54R.  He debated for a short while about getting one of those Romanian PSLs that was slapped together by drunken monkeys, because it was one of the only ones he could afford.  He then discovered that they actually manufacture Vepr rifles in 7.62x54R, which I had no idea that they offer them in that caliber. 
The PSL-1 produced by the "drunken monkeys" over at Century Arms

He asked me what the difference between the Vepr and the PSL.  I am not too familiar with either since I haven't had hands on experience with one or the other.  I told him so, then gave an educated guess that the Vepr would offer a much heavier, longer barrel, and offer a much more robust receiver, which translates to longer range and better accuracy.
The very finely crafted VEPR

I had a limited amount of time, and so couldn't research my theories further, and told him to find out more about 'em.  Fast forward to a few hours later, and I'm just tickled pink that I managed to get a 100% accuracy on my estimations.  I love it when I'm right about such things on a hunch.

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