Thursday, March 22, 2012

Proud while others are dissapointed

Throughout the course of life, everyone picks up more than a few worthless or useless skills.  Skills that have no real everyday value, but that we might even actively try to keep honed, for whatever reason.  Mine just tend to be more than a bit eccentric and useless than most.  For example, I was cruising the news on the Defense Industry Daily website, and was skimming over an article on an Indian produced fighter(the LCA Tejas), and saw the following picture representing the aircraft's engine:
Now, without thinking, or even treading the article, I thought to myself, "Hey, that looks just like the F414-GE-400."  Lo and behold, I was dead on. 

But then I had a pang of disappointment in myself.  I expressed this as an internal dialogue: "Why in the heck am I wasting precious disk space in my brain for this crap?!"
At that moment however, I remembered and answered myself, "Because it's cool."

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