Friday, March 30, 2012

Treasure everywhere, and no shovel in sight

So, I've talked before about how much I would absolutely love to have a double stacked 1911 .45ACP.  The trouble is, that the only one I knew of that was worth it's salt was the Para Ordinance 14-45.  Then, not too much later, I heard of the Sarsilmaz K2-45 (which, in my opinion, is still the best of the bunch), which are much cheaper, but are just too darn hard to find.  But now, ladies and gents, I have heard that Rock Island Armory is now offering a double stacked 1911 that has a built in picatinny rail for a reasonable price!

This baby has almost all the same features that I wanted out of the Para, but for just more than half the price!  I'm gonna be itching to see what the availability of these things are in my area.  I've just got to have one!  Ugh!  I'm getting rainbow drool all over my keyboard just thinking about it.
 Pity I still don't have the money to afford one just yet...

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