Friday, August 31, 2012

far far away now

I hate video editing software.  Particularly when I just want to do some simple splicing, but the crap software I'm using is ridiculously too pretentious to make it easy for a new user.  I spent four hours trying to figure it out, and I'm practically still at square one.  Anyways, I'll worry about it later.  On to something completely different.

Self assessment has never been a big strength of mine.  I'm often finding out things about myself through the observations of others.  Now I'm very grateful for all these people whom I know that bring these things to my attention, however, I find it extremely frustrating that I can't recognize those same things on my own sometimes.  For example, I'll be hanging with fiends and they'll make an observation (sometimes even a casual one) about me, I'll then instantly deny it because I've never thought about it before, only to find out only minutes later that, after some reflection they are completely right!  I just hate those moments, because it makes me feel like either the ultimate hypocrite, or just insanely ignorant of my own self, or both.  It probably shouldn't bother me that much, but it just does.  I've gotten better at dealing with it over the years, but it will never cease to be incredibly frustrating to me.

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