Monday, August 20, 2012

getting there

So, over the weekend I was able to go to the theater to go see the movie Moonrise Kingdom.  Dang good stuff.  I really wanted to see this movie for while, but for some odd reason, it took some serious convincing from some of my friends for a good amount of time, before going to see it in the only theater in town willing to play it.  Not that I dislike the theater, I just don't like going downtown too often.  Anyways, it was quite worth it.  Dare I say it was possibly the most fun I've had watching a movie all year.  In all honesty, when have you seen a movie that had Bill Murray in it, which ended up being bad?  So there, it is that good, and I'll definitely be owning this one in the future.

I do plan on eventually posting all my pics and musings about the Star Trek convention in Vegas, but I know that's gonna be one heck of a long post, so it'll obviously take me a while to shed my laziness to do that one in the way it deserves to be done.  

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