Thursday, March 13, 2014

Changing, but in the opposite direction

The entire gun community of late has been awash with talk of the 9mm vs .45ACP.  Recently, it appears everyone is universally acknowledging the advantages that 9 offers over .45, such as: lower recoil, higher round count in magazines, cheaper ammo so you can shoot more, and usually a lighter gun.  It also doesn't help that people are coming to their senses and realizing that the 1911 is over 100 years old and showing it's age, making for a gun that is heavy, with limited mag capacity, and quite maintenance intensive compared to newer designs.

I myself own a couple 9mm Jerichos, which I enjoy very much, but with this exploding popularity of the 9mm cartridge, I can never find it in stock anywhere.  As I mentioned earlier, I'm planning on getting myself a .45 based solely on the fact that if you can't buy 9mm, all those advantages may as well not exist.  Not only is there a fair amount of .45ACP wherever I go, it's priced reasonably, there's always multiple brands on the shelf to choose from, and I'm tired of not having any recent range time.

So, I'm jumping ship to join those going backwards from the trend, and the only problem I have is the one I mentioned in my last post about the subject.  I don't understand why nobody makes a modern .45 (not a 1911) the has more than a 10 round magazine.  It makes for a pretty short list of choices:

HK USP -Expensive, bulky, and if I wanna make it take even other HK accessories, I'm gonna be paying out the butt.
Glock 21 -Good capacity, accurate, and ok price, but I hate Glocks. And again.  Yup.
XD/XDM -I've shot 'em before, but I wan't overly impressed with the Croatian creation, also grip safeties still suck.
Para 14-45 -Nice, but, it IS a 1911, and one of these cost more that all the cars I've owned combined.
FNP-45 -Okay, I admit I haven't shot one, but the slide looks like the size of a brick, and seems like the grip is about the same size as well.
RIA 2011 -Same advantages of the Para, for a much more realistic price, but still a 1911.

After doing a bit of homework on it, I think the Sarslimaz K2 is still my best choice as many of the parts are interchangeable with both the CZ97B and Para 14-45, while remaining a relatively cheap option.  That, and I just love the classic CZ look to the gun.

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