Friday, March 7, 2014

More DOD derp

It may be pretty obvious that I'm one of the naysayers when it comes to the F-35.  Sadly, it's not so much because of the aircraft itself (though some of it is) as it is with the shady and blatantly retarded procurement and testing process given to this aircraft.  So color me not so surprised when I hear that because of being way behind in testing (or just not tested enough) that the Pratt and Whitney F135 that is supposed to power it had a bit of a snafu:

It will be just pathetic if this end up being a widespread issue that grounds the fleet.  Hmmmm.... You know what would help with that?  Is if we had an alternate engine program that would allow us to continue testing the airframe even if the primary engine went kaput!  Oh yeah....about that....whoops.

The whole of the DOD is so incompetent (or corrupt) they should be fired and charged with treason.

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