Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More required reading


Totally been shooting down all my free time with either reading Monster Hunter Vendetta, or getting some trigger time on a 20 foot tall battlemech in Titanfall.  PC was the platform that game was born for, and man, it's pretty intense.  I was pretty skeptic when I heard matches only involved 12 human players, but after sampling it's rocket powered orbital dropping of the beat, I can't stop.  There aint nothing quite like it, and I give it two thumbs up.

Also, it appears that for my links of people that are seriously worth reading is incredibly lacking.  There's so many awesome people to read on a regular basis, I'm wondering if there's a button in blogger that will allow me to just add the entire gunblogging community to it.

Speaking of which, one other that I should have added to the list, Neanderpundit, has hands down achieved the greatest quote of the month for this bit of truth:

"Do not confuse illegal with immoral"

and there's also this small bit on the new Cosmos:

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