Thursday, December 30, 2010

WTF marketing.

I was browsing around on Mossberg's website not too long ago, when I came across one of their .22LR's.  Now, I like Mossberg and I think they make a lot of quality products, but I was dumbfounded to see they are still selling these rifles in this configuration:
Yes, that is a frakin' huge Barrett-style muzzle brake on a .22 long rifle.  Really?  What good is that thing gonna do?  Are people training small rodents to shoot guns, but are scared that the kick will be too much?  It's like somebody at Mossberg's marketing department bought a Barrett M82 and then declared that EVERYTHING should have a muzzle brake like that.  Now, I'll admit I think the Model 500 that they slap it on has a little bit of appeal:
More than a bit excessive, yes.  However it's nowhere near the ridiculousness level of having one on a .22LR or .17HMR for that matter.  But, apparently people are buying 'em, cuz Mossberg is sill selling 'em.  Whatever.  I guess it's just something that's lost on me.

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