Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I may have strange ambitions, but....

I think it would be freaking hilarious to see some very small girl with dyed hair put on some Vulcan ears, then approach my boss, and boldly state: "I'm a woodland elf!"  I think it has the makings of the greatest office joke ever!  I will not rest until this has been done, but I may have to use the worst coercion and bribery I can muster to get it to happen.

On a more technophile (or in my case, familiar) note, I had no idea that there were Gatling guns chambered in the 7.62x54mm rimmed cartridge.  The first one I found out about was the Chinese Hua Qing Minigun; which as the name suggests, is loosely patterned after the home-brewed M134.  Your standard 6-barrel, electrically powered death machine.  That is so cool.
Why design something original, when you can just be communist?
 However, this was simply the appetizer for a the technological feast that is the Russian guns!  Say hello to the four barreled GShG-7.62 machine gun.  The best part is that it's not electrically powered, but is actually gas operated!  Self powered!  Man, I have never wanted something so much before in my life.  Behold, in all it's glory:
This thing secretes pure coolness.
And as perfect as that is, it's really just a simplified and modernized version of the same concept pioneered by the Slostin machine gun.  Feast your eyes on it's insane epicness:
Wow.  I may have to go to bed early just to rest my eyes after such exhausting ogling.  Talk amongst yourselves.

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